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Friday, May 9, 2014

Toxic Apple - PTU

Scrapkit - Toxic Apple By Toxic Desires  - Here- 
1 tube by Martin A here
Must have a license to use that tube

Let’s Get Started
Open a new raster 800 x 800
Open Kristin - Toxic Apple - Frame 3
Take your mw and click inside of the frame go to selection modify expand by 10
Open Paper_2 paste as new layer hit invert and delete and drag it under
These are the elements I used in the tag
you can use my tag to see where to place them

Kristin - Toxic Apple - grass 
Kristin - Toxic Apple -heart n bones 
 Kristin - Toxic Apple - lips 
Kristin - Toxic Apple -lolli 2 
Kristin - Toxic Apple - moon 
Kristin - Toxic Apple -Queen Skull n Snake
Kristin - Toxic Apple -Skullfly 
Kristin - Toxic Apple - Sparkles
Kristin - Toxic Apple -  Spider
Kristin - Toxic Apple - String 
Kristin - Toxic Apple -Stumbs

Open Kristin - Toxic Apple -Web paste it under all layers

Add your Tube
Layers – merge – merge visible
I used Stoobs  in color –yellow
add drop shadow or a gradient glow in blk
Add your copyright – layers – merge – merge visible
Crop and resize to your liking.
Add ur license info !!
Save as png or JPEG and we’re done

 photo CariSignature1.png



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